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We were originally set up in 2001 and after being offline for a number years, the site has returned. We’ve still got lots of work to do and we’re always adding material to the site, so please bear with us as we rebuild our archive.

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30 Years of Radio Borders

Our next event will be at 6am on 22nd January. We will be streaming a recording of the first six hours of programming on Radio Borders, which went on air 30 years ago. The stream will contain the first Breakfast Show, which was presented by Danny Gallagher. That will be followed by the Non Stop Memories between 9-10am, followed by the Mid Morning Programme, presented by Paul Baker. You’ll be able to hear these programmes in full, as if they were being broadcast live, on January 22nd, between 6am and 12 noon.

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We welcome audio contributions, so if there’s something you’d like to share with us, just pop over to the Contribute page.

The Radio Ark Calendar

Ever wondered when a radio station went on air for the first time? Well now you can use our handy calendar to check for yourself, just click on the Calendar below!

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