Radio Solway

BBC Radio Solway broadcast from studios in Lovers’ Walk, Dumfries and was an opt out from the main BBC Radio Scotland service. Like its sister station, Radio Tweed, it was launched on 15th April 1983 to operate as a community station and normally broadcast for just an hour each weekday: 07:30 – 08:00 and 12:00 – 12:30, with an extra 20 minute programme on Fridays from 13:40 – 14:00. Much of the history and story of the station is the same as its Selkirk counterpart, Radio Tweed and it too sadly suffered BBC cutbacks in the 90s. While still broadcasting today, the focus is now firmly on providing local news bulletins, rather than making community based programmes. Unlike Radio Tweed, however, Radio Solway also broadcast on Medium Wave via the local Dumfires relay transmitter on 585 kHz.

Willie Johnston – BBC Radio Solway. Courtesy of BBC Scotland.

The studio was identical to that of Radio Tweed with a mono Audix mixing desk, 2 x 3 BE (Broadcast Electronic) cart stacks plus record modules, 2 Technics SP10 mk II turntables and 2 Studer B67 reel to reel machines.

We’ll be adding some more audio soon, but meantime, here’s the Station Ident which was broadcast at the start of every programme. This is based on the Scottish song “The Gallowa’ Hills”

Oh the Gallowa’ hills are covered wi’ broom
Wi’ heather bells in bonnie bloom
Wi’ heather bells and rivers a’
An I’ll gan oot ower the hills tae Gallowa’

Station Ident


Around Solway
Two editions of the Thursday lunchtime programme

10th April 1986

Lindsay McTaggart visits the Stewartry Parish of Buittle

17th April 1986

Wilie Johnston in conversation with the late Douglas Beck OBE

If you have any audio or pictures/logos we can use, please feel free to get in touch with us.

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