Capital Radio Dublin

Capital Radio took to the airwaves on 20 July 1989 and is unconnected with, and not to be confused with, Capital Radio plc).

The station was owned by a consortium of Irish media and entertainment figures and managed by Mike Hogan and although initially moderately successful, following the launch of rival 98FM, the station consistently trailed in the ratings. In May 1991 the station relaunched as Rock 104, however this was unsuccessful and in late 1991 it underwent a restructuring under new CEO Dermot Hanrahan, who relaunched the station in April 1992 as Dublin’s FM104, using the tag-line “Superstars of the 80s and 90s”.

In 2004 the original shareholders sold the station to Scottish Radio Holdings for €30m, in the first of a sequence of ownership changes. SRH were subsequently sold to EMAP, who in turn sold the station in 2007.

Capital Jingle Montage

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