Radio Maldwyn

Radio Maldwyn – The Magic 756 was a local commercial radio station serving Mid Wales and the English border counties (not to be confused with the Magic network of stations) and began broadcasting at 7.56 am on 1st July 1993.

Live programmes initially ran between 0700 – 1900, with the Supergold service from the Chiltern Radio Network being broadcast overnight. Maldwyn was the only station outside the Chiltern-owned stations that made full use of the automation service available on Supergold to insert local news, commercials and features within network programming.

It was decided that in November 2010 the station would close and it would be replaced by Radio Hafren. On 11 August 2014, at 10:21am the short-lived Radio Hafren starting broadcasting, closing down just a few months later on 11th February 2015 because it was deemed not to be financially viable.

Radio Maldwyn Jingle Montage

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