River FM

River FM was a radio station serving West Lothian, Scotland. It was launched on 3rd September 2003 and was based at Livingston FC’s stadium in the centre of the town. It played a range of hit music and older classics and despite the limited area officially covered, it could sometimes be picked up as far away as Kilmarnock, Dundee and Stirling.

In December 2006 the station went up for sale as it was believed to have been unprofitable. The Kingdom Group’s Board of Directors decision raised a big question over the station’s future, and even its existence and had given the station until 29th January 2007 to find a new buyer. With no buyer being found and no offers of rescue coming from any other radio organisation, River FM fell silent at 6pm on the same date. The last song to be played was Nelly Furtado “All things come to an end”.

Listen to highlights from the station launch on 3rd September 2003

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