Radio Victory

Radio Victory was the independent local radio station for Portsmouth in southern England. It was launched on 14 October 1975 and served South Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight initially until 1986, with various later reincarnations. It took its name from the famous historic ship HMS Victory which is preserved at Portsmouth.

In 1985, the Independent Broadcasting Authority failed to renew the station’s licence and it ceased broadcasting at 12 pm on 28th June 1986, after 10 years and around 257 days on air, despite a local campaign to save it. Fratton Road in Portsmouth was jammed solid with traffic, drivers blaring their horns in tribute as the airwaves fell silent for the last time. Victory was the first ILR station to lose its franchise (although two others, Centre Radio and Gwent Broadcasting, went off air after going bankrupt).

The station was replaced by Ocean Sound which was given a licence for a larger coverage area including Southampton.

The name Radio Victory was kept alive from studios in Twyford Avenue, Stamshaw, this time broadcasting on cable TV and with occasional temporary FM licences for special occasions such as their own launch on cable at Christmas 1995 and to cover the Special Olympics. A total of six 28-day RSL FM broadcasts were made from 1994 to 1998.

Radio Victory Jingles by Kenny Everett

Radio Victory Jingles 1981
The Alfasound Tapetrix Jingle Promo

Radio Victory Jingles 1998

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