The Radio Ark was started on 6th July 2001 and gives visitors to the site the chance to hear old radio jingles, programmes, bloopers and adverts. If you were a visitor to our original site, you might recognise this view:

How the Radio Ark looked in 2002

Some parts of the country still only had dial up Internet access (no fast broadband connection that was “always on”) and that was the case where the Radio Ark was based – the original site was created using a dial up 56k modem which, as you can imagine, took a while to upload large files.

For that reason and to ensure we catered for as many visitors to the site as possible, we uploaded audio at a much lower quality (and in Real Audio format). Today, thanks to superfast fibre broadband and improved encoding processes , we can enjoy much higher quality sound.

We’re now resurrecting the site as web space and bandwidth is so much cheaper than it used to be and it’s much easier to use higher quality sound files. We are trying to re-encode all our audio clips and get everything stored in a digital file format (yes – we still have some audio on cassette, reel to reel and mini-disk).

How it is all done
We copy everything to a high resolution uncompressed WAV file and then make a copy at a lower bitrate (but still CD quality) which is what you hear on the website. Thankfully, a lot of the audio we originally had on the site was kept as WAV format so some of the hard work has already been done, but we still have a long way to go.

We take a lot of care and spend a lot of time putting together compilations, cleaning up audio and editing (where required) to ensure you get the best listening experience possible. We also try and cater for mobile devices too, so whether you listen on a desktop PC, tablet or smartphone, you should be able to enjoy what we have on offer.

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