As all jingle lovers will probably know, Alfasound was a radio jingle production company based in Manchester and was founded by Alan Fawkes and ex-Piccadilly Radio DJ Steve England.

The company was responsible for some of the most memorable radio jingles in the 80s and 90s, including Piccadilly and the very first jingle package was produced for 96.4 Sound Wave in Swansea. They also sold collectors records, tapes and CDs to jingle fans which have become much sought after items. Through the late 1980s Alfasound also became UK distributors for Jam Creative Productions. The company closed in 1997 and Steve England went on to form his own production company and still makes radio jingles today.

Alfasound Promo
At the end of one of the Alfasound LP records was a promo advertising what they could ‘do for you’. You can hear the full promo below.

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