Radio Sovereign

The station was founded by John Kenning and Crispian St. John. Radio Sovereign commenced broadcasts on 10 May 1983 and closed down on 2 January 1984. The original frequency of 1503 kHz was later replaced by the better-received 1494 kHz.

Jingles used on the station included ones produced by Alfasound, plus a specially-commissioned package recorded by the singers at Pams of Dallas, who provided the jingles used by the offshore pirate radio station Wonderful Radio London in the 1960s.

Sovereign’s music format was unique in that it was quite usual to hear three records in a row by a major band or artist. Many rare and seldom heard oldies were also played. News was broadcast at half past each hour, followed by a current Top Forty contender, which was the exception to the Solid Gold format; these records were known as ‘Future Gold’ records.

Radio Sovereign operated from 3 Sherland Road, Twickenham. The on-air address was announced as ‘Radio Sovereign, Surbiton’. However, no broadcasts were ever made from Surbiton!

Although other stations of the time were being left alone, the authorities made a grab for Sovereign. They were taken to court in late 1983, fined and the equipment ordered to be forfeited – the station subsequently closed down at 3pm on 2nd January 1984.

Alfasound Jingles
Four of the Radio Sovereign jingles produced by Alfasound

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