Articles by David Henderson

Commercial Radio

Radio Victory

Radio Victory was the independent local radio station for Portsmouth in southern England. It was launched on 14 October 1975 and served South Hampshire, West Sussex and the Isle of Wight initially…

Commercial Radio

Central FM

Central FM was actually launched as Centre Sound – a community based radio station in Stirling on the 4th June 1990. Its first managing Director was Colin Lamont – now better known…

BBC Radio

Light Programme

We found this clip an old reel to reel tape and as you’ll hear, the quality is excellent. Thanks to Andrew Brown who got in touch with us to say he thinks…

Commercial Radio

Piccadilly Radio

The station began broadcasting at 5am on Tuesday 2 April 1974 and was named after Piccadilly Gardens in Manchester. The aptly named Piccadilly Plaza was home to the station until 1996, when…

Commercial Radio

Radio Tees

Radio Tees was launched on Tuesday 24th June 1975 and broadcast on 257m Medium Wave and (later that year) 95 VHF in stereo. (The station should not be confused with BBC Tees)….

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